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The privacy mobile app for precious metals numismatists and stackers.

Metals is the mobile application for precious metals numismatists and stackers with emphasis on privacy. A collection built in this app only lives on the device. It is never backed up to any server. Users are therefore responsible for backing up their collection.

Metals app allows users to add their inventory and watch investment gain/loss in real-time when precious metals markets are open for trading. The app also allows various attribution to be added to inventory.

Analytics and virtual vault furthermore add a fun factor to numismatists and stackers on their collecting journey.

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Analize your portfolio at glance β€” by metal type, metal form, and more.



  1. Collection storage and privacy
  2. Collection import/restore
  3. Collection back up/export
  4. Investment gain/loss metrics
  5. Feature request

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Collection storage and privacy

For your privacy, your collection is stored exclusively on your mobile device. It is never backed up to any server. Therefore, it's your responsibility to protect and back it up frequently.


Collection import/restore

A new or existing collection can be imported in a CSV format. Use the following example, to compose your CSV file that would be ready to be imported to the app:

,2019,Canadian Maple Leaf&comma; roll of 20,gold,coin,1,0.999,Bought this roll on<new-line><new-line>Some of these could be certified with 70 grades&comma; need to go through the roll and pick which ones to send to PCGS,20,34999.99,,,,,,PCGS205,Bank Vault,ca,,,,,,,,,

Please note:

  1. First row, should contain all the fields names as displayed above.
  2. CSV fields are separated by comma, if you want your fields content to contain some commas (as a part of content), should be replaced with HTML entity &comma; instead.
  3. CSV fields cannot have new line breaks. In order to have new lines properly imported without breaking the app, a CSV field (such as a Note) should have a special tag <new-line> for a line break.
  4. The usage of both comma and a new line is demonstrated in a sample CSV format above.
  5. Required fields: title, type, form, weight, purity, quantity, paid.
  6. If error message "ENCODING_ERR" shows up during file import, try to instead copy paste file content into the text area.

Copy and paste your CSV file content to the input box in the Settings tab.

Use third party apps to share files/content between your computer and mobile device (eg. Pushbullet, Alt-C).


Collection back up/export

Current collection can be backed up to CSV format from the Settings tab.


Investment gain/loss

Investment gain/loss metrics shown in this app are based on a live spot price of precious metals. Retail prices are normally higher than a spot/melt price.

[Virtual] Vault and investment metrics throughout this app represent only precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. All other items are excluded.


Feature requests

Feature requests are welcome and encouraged. If you would like to see some specific feature implemented, please contact us and consider donating.


Privacy policy


For business or support inquiries, please send email to or direct message to Instagram metalslive LinkedIn

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Do you use CLI? Try our fun microservice by typing curl in your terminal to find out precious metal spot prices.

Below is interactive demonstration of how it works: